Counseling Program Calendar

Hoover Counseling Calendar

Click through the calendar to find the schedule and details for our upcoming lessons, events, and programs in addition to school closings.

The official and regularly updated MCPS calendars may be found here.

Counseling Activities by Month

This list presents the general scope and sequence of our activities for the current school year.
We provide this as an informational guide. This list is subject to change!

Year-round activities

  • Individual counseling

  • Group counseling

  • Student leadership groups

  • Lunch bunches

  • Social groups

  • Mediations

  • Crisis intervention

  • Academic/organization support

  • Social/Emotional Learning (SEL) lesson planning

  • Attendance monitoring

  • Grade monitoring

  • Mediations

  • Crisis response & intervention

  • IEP, EMT, 504 meetings/referrals

  • Classroom observations

  • Professional development and trainings

  • Consultation

  • BeWell 365 activities

  • Chaperone field trips

  • Enroll and orient new students


  • Prepare and present articulation information for teachers

  • Plan and implement "mini-day" (orientation)

  • Design needs survey(s)

  • Balance class sizes

  • Revise schedules as needed

  • Plan and send invites for Advisory Council

  • Design Wellness room


  • Administer student, staff, or parent needs surveys

  • Analyze data from needs surveys and use to inform further program planning

  • Revise schedules as needed

  • Counselor introduction classroom lesson

  • Counselor role presentation to staff

  • Getting to know students through hallway/lunch/activity presence

  • Begin New-to-Hoover groups

  • Update website with high school choice information

  • Administering/proctoring MAP testing (Fall session)


  • MCPS Mental Health Month activities

  • 1st Advisory Council meeting

  • Personal Body Safety Lesson classroom instruction (in coordination with PE/Health dept.)

  • Gather data for individual academic/attendance interventions

  • Begin individual academic/attendance interventions

  • Begin small group counseling

  • Classroom instruction on high school choice (8th grade)


  • 1st Naviance college & career readiness lesson

  • Parent-teacher conferences

  • Holiday gift referrals


  • Independent school recommendations

  • Develop articulation calendar

  • Publish Churchill articulation information


  • Classroom instruction for 2022-23 class registration

  • Classroom instruction for 2022-23 class registration delivered to feeder elementary schools

  • Support Churchill counselors in delivering classroom instruction about the Churchill registration process

  • 2nd Naviance college & career readiness lesson

  • Students complete and families review 2022-23 course registration Google forms

  • Administering/proctoring MAP testing (winter session)


  • Review & correct course registrations


  • Signs of Suicide (SOS) classroom lessons

  • Administer/proctor statewide testing (MISA)


  • 3rd Naviance college & career readiness lesson

  • Chaperone Outdoor Ed program


  • Articulation with cluster elementary schools

  • 504/IEP meetings for current 5th grade/rising 6th grade students

  • Administering/proctoring statewide testing (MCAP)

  • 2nd Advisory Council meeting

  • Counseling outcomes survey

  • Career event


  • Bringing summary and closure to the counseling process with individual students

  • Articulation with Churchill High School

  • Recruiting new students for leadership programs


  • Long-term collaborative program planning

  • Create counseling annual agreement

  • Identify mindsets and behaviors for next school year

  • Define program goals for next school year

  • Revisit program vision & mission

  • Update website & brochure

  • Balance class sizes